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I have coached England International and European tour players and trained several beginner golfers from novice level on to professional level. As well as teaching good players I enjoy coaching beginners and less gifted golfers, I am fascinated how people learn and want to pass on my golfing knowledge to clients who wish to improve.

I also bring an extensive knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have held my own personal development workshops on the subject. I have regularly assisted on trainings held by the Co-creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler and my training abilities have been in action for other well known personal development coaches including Paul McKenna for over 10 years. I bring an understanding of how people and performance work and apply this to golf.

I want to facilitate personal achievement in the short time I have with you and if you have had a limiting belief about your golf you have come to the right place.

Where I Teach

Stocks Golf Club

Stocks Golf Club
Nr. Tring,
HP23 5RX
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Berkhamsted Golf Driving Range

Berkhamsted Golf Driving Range
Spring Garden Lane,
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Chesham and Ley Hill Golf Club

Chesham and Ley Hill Golf Club
Ley Hill, Chesham,
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Lesson Types
45 minute
Golf range session, learn or improve your swing.

1 hour golf experience
Learn how to learn sports, understand what good golf players do and then apply this to your game with my guidance.

1 1/2 hour golf experience
Learn how to learn sports, video walk through of top golfing players, see what they do and then apply their methods to your own game.

Social golf
Each month we hold various social golf coaching events at Berkhamsted Golf Driving range.
These are very relaxed and fun sessions where we take an aspect of the game to work on as a group whilst providing other tips and recommendations.
If you would like to attend these lessons please email me and I will add you to the attendees list.

I hold junior golf lesson through the year and if your son or daughter would like to attend a group lesson or individual lesson please contact me.

Ladies golf
Why not come along? All abilities are welcome, where you can learn or improve, meet new friends and have a coffee in the process. Please contact me for more details.

2 Hour learn golf quick! lesson
I will teach you the fundamentals of the swing in two hours as an intensive learn golf package, this session is backed up with detailed review notes for you to consider to help your ongoing improvement.

Equipment Fitting
As a certified True temper club fitter I can match player and club performance. I have the skills to find you the perfect match of club design, loft and lie angle, weight, grip, shaft length and flex, loft.

All abilities are welcome from beginners to intermediate and established players. (All equipment will be provided)

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